"Rural Cops" film sponsored by VAPF

“Rural Cops” film sponsored by VAPF

Grupo VAPF -as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program as a Patronage in Education, Culture and Sport- signed a sponsorship agreement with the company Cafetico Films, for the filming of the film “Rural Cops”, a police comedy based on real anecdotes of law enforcement and security forces operating in rural areas.

The aim of this original film project is to make both a short film and a feature film with interactive versions, in which the viewer can select the police with whom he or she identifies the most and make decisions that might change the final plot of the film.

Filming is scheduled for the summer 2017 and will take place at Poble Nou de Benitatxell, Cumbre del Sol Residential Estates and the renowned Moraig Cove.

Paco Soto (“Rural Cops” director) is known for his previous film “Operasiones Espesiales”.

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